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By stand-made, Apr 22 2018 12:45PM

Orders for our Double Decker Guitar Racks have just overwhelmed us since introducing them to the range last year. Adrian Thorpe of originally approached us to design and build a Rack capable of displaying his collection of 16+ guitars in his studio which had limited floor space. With his eye for detail and specific instructions, we created a storage solution that has since reached guitarists all over the globe - some with collections in excess of 60 guitars!

By stand-made, Apr 9 2018 05:36PM

We've just had another rush of overseas orders confirm recently!

Selling to customers worldwide once seemed too daunting a challenge for a small business like ours to achieve but Global Freight makes everything so simple we now regularly make our "unassembled" Racks for guitarists in Japan, USA, Canada and all over Europe. And Paypal allows us to convert currencies and create bespoke invoices in Euros, Dollars, Yen.... The world really is our oyster!!

By stand-made, Mar 24 2018 01:46PM

We honestly love seeing our Guitar Racks set up and being used in customer's homes! We received this great photo yesterday showing off one of our Light Oak Wood "Double Decker" CASE Racks. It was sent to us accompanied by another wonderful testimonial - "Hi Andy. Delivery arrived, driver was very friendly and helpful. We’re in and loaded! Beautiful craftsmanship, exactly what I was hoping for, very chuffed indeed. Many thanks!". Earning a living is one thing but earning another happy customer is much more rewarding!!

By stand-made, Mar 14 2018 02:08PM

We've been so busy this last 5 years communicating to the world via Twitter, Facebook.... we thought it time to finally set up and create a diary here for you to keep up and in touch with us!

We plan posting a mix of old and new stories that best describe our journey so far - showing you not only what's happening "in the workshop" today but dipping back into our archives and remembering how we built the business and developed its wide & growing range of products along the way.

Hope you enjoy it!


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