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Chris Difford, SQUEEZE (@chrisdifford)

"I have a new stand for my guitars at home and I'm knocked out by the craftsmanship and quality. The care that is taken to make this stand speaks for itself. I was lucky enough to also have a chair made for playing, it fits my style of playing so well. Comfy too. All in all this is the stand to beat all stands, if only all furniture was made this well!".

Chris Difford from the band Squeeze with his Guitar Stand


"He's thrilled....Thank you" (Eliza Carthy MBE, @elizacarthy)

Martin Carthy MBE with his Dark Oak Guitar Stand

Ben Montague (@ben_montague) & Michael Watts (@themichaelwatts)

The North American Guitar (@TNAG), London

"Hi Andy, just to let you know all the stands have arrived and look gorgeous. Thank you....."

TNAG in Acou Mag Nov 14 Felinestandsinshop JJHolyGrail2015 Neville Marten's Bespoke Oak Wood Guitar Rack top view Neville Marten's Bespoke Oak Wood Guitar Rack Left View

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Neville Marten's bespoke oak wood Guitar Rack Right View Editor of Guitar Techniques & Ex-editor of Guitarist Magazine Neville Marten

Neville Marten (@nevillemarten)

Editor of Guitar Techniques & ex-Editor of Guitarist Magazine

"To address my almost obsessive loathing of backline in the living room, Andy Bennett's oak multi-stands looked to be my salvation. Space was a bit of an issue as I like to have an acoustic and two electrics to hand, so I asked Andy if Standmade could build me something a little less imposing than his usual range. I sent my measurements over and the result sits here before you; not looking like the side of a stage but an elegant and functional piece of furniture, offering up my guitars as and when I fancy a strum. Thanks, Andy - I'm more than impressed with the service and the product!"



"Andy, the Stand is beautiful and I love it!!!!"


"I am loving the rack you made for me. ….. Looks great in the room."

JohnWheeler tnag new showroom tnag new showroom 2